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From an industrial-era, machine view of the world, relationship is the functional interconnection of otherwise independent parts. Individual parts are related if they share attributes or, more importantly, if they perform some function or process together. 

In the industrial-era view, relationship is transactional and utilitarian.

Neither perspective is wrong...

From a post-industrial, systems view of the world, relationship is the conversational flow between wholly interdependent parts. Individual parts have no meaning outside of relationship - the nature and quality of the network of relationships that a part is in gives rise to the attributes of that part that we can observe

In the systems view, relationship is foundational  and generative.

...but both perspectives are incomplete.

Transform your relationship to Relationship

We support individuals, communities, and organizations in developing the three domains of Relationship that govern performance, satisfaction, and innovation. 

Our programs cover topics as diverse as Content Creation & Story-telling, Data Science, and Organizational Leadership - these are the "what" of our work. However, Relationship is the "why" - it's the central design principle of the learning methodology we have developed over the past 25 years.

Relationship with


Efficiency in designing and executing transactions with others to achieve intended results.
Being an effective member of a marching band.

Interdependence, the
capacity and courage to
co-create something fundamentally new and inherently not possible alone. Being an effective member of a jazz band.

Communion, an embodied mastery of Speaking & Listening, regardless of the "otherness" of the Other.

Relationship with


Reliability in designing and executing (individual or organizational) processes that consistently produce predefined outcomes. 
Creating Future that extends and improves on Past.

Innovation, the
capacity and courage to declare and manifest a new possibility for a system (organization, industry, society, etc.). 
Creating Future that the Past says is impossible.

Community, an embodied experience of collective commitment to a particular Future. 

Relationship with


Discipline in being aware
and accountable for
my habitual patterns of
thought, emotion, and behavior - how my mental machine works
when it's on autopilot. 

Managing Self as Resource.

Self-authorship, the
capacity and courage to explore and express emergent or experimental aspects of myself.
Owning Self as Source.

Presence, an embodied expression of comfort and ease in the moment, regardless of external conditions. 

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