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Our practice is based on a central insight from the past 25 years of supporting the development of Human Beings: Growth is an organic and whole-system phenomena. One can effectively acquire knowledge and skills through impersonal training, but one can only grow in the incubator of Relationship. Working with us is personal, it involves deep trust and commitment. We provide broad and deep space within which you can explore, own, and bring forward your individual and collective voice in the world.

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Focused, learn-by-doing experiences that are designed to have participants create specific, tangible results. Each workshop is centered around a learner-defined project within which we provide specific tools, knowledge, and practices. (See "Work with Us page for specific topics)

1-on-1 development in one or two of the Relationship domains. Coaching is ideal for individuals who have very specific and focused issues they are committed to creating change in. Coaching is often also used as a supplement to Workshops or Mastery Programs. 

Programs designed for individuals who are committed to creating systemic breakthroughs in organizations, industries, and communities. These programs have developed business executives from around the world as well as social entrepreneurs and activists.

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Who We Are

Between us, among many other experiences, we have: been trusted advisors to senior executives at companies such as Pfizer, AmEx, Shopify, and Facebook; been Ministers in churches; done doctoral research on the role of influence and authority on community; have designed healthcare facilities; have performed across North America and Europe in a successful rock band. 

What unites us is this: We are Educator Artists. We are each deeply committed to cultivating the rigorous but flexible space in which human beings can get into deep relationship with themselves and with their work.


Regardless of the program you enroll in, our commitment is to engage with you as an Artist, as source for a unique and valuable expression of the particular content area that the program is focused on.

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Scott Amore

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The technology is the tool, your story is the art.


A.M. Bhatt

"Enough is a feast."


Peter McGaugh



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Angie Arendt

"It's all about the story"


Danielle Frankel

"We belong to each other"


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