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Mental states are both “contagious” and self-reinforcing. In the high-stimulation, always-connected society we've created, the consequence is that a momentary stressor can quickly spiral and overtake one's experience and, over time, become a pattern of negative emotional states. 

Calm-trepreneur proceeds from the premise that a state of calm and balance can be cultivated with the same rigor and effectiveness that is brought to business or educational outcomes. The program focuses on wellness, mindfulness and listening, and offers both “triage” approaches as well as long-term strategies for maintaining a state of calm in the face of changing external conditions.

“You have power over your mind - not outside events.
Realize this, and you will find strength.” 

- Marcus Aurelius

  • anxiety and stress are impeding your ability to thrive

  • working in a high-stress environment is impacting your effectiveness

Valuable if...

  • panic is affecting your health / sleep / relationships

  • you are easily distracted and / or can't focus as well as you would like

  • the same patterns of negative or disempowering thoughts / emotions show up for you when you are under stress

  • Calmtrepreneur programs are run with 8-12 participants. We run the program both as open-enrollment cohorts (i.e., you register as an individual) and private cohorts (e.g., for a group of nurses in a particular hospital, a group of teachers in a school district, a group of employees within an organization, etc.)

What you'll do...

  • each group is led by 1 facilitator/coach and 2-4 practitioners. The facilitator/coach focuses on developing each member's level of comfort with applying what they're learning and supports the overall group dynamic. The practitioners are deep subject matter experts who will develop you on specific tools and practices - the program includes reiki, situational mindfulness practices, training on the Enneagram (a tool for understanding and transcending habitual mental patterns), and other tools for developing your focus and presence.

  • classes are challenging but supportive - we will confront what needs confronting, but in a space that is free of judgement and fear

  • each program meets for 4 hours once a week for 6 weeks. (Note that this varies for private cohorts who, due to work constraints, often require a different schedule)

  • you'll enjoy the time you spend with the group and will build deep relationships in a short amount of time

  • you will learn practical ways to navigate stressful situations and environments

What we promise...

  • you'll leave the program feeling much more in control of your life and able to choose your mindset in stressful situations

  • you will have the experience of being more "grounded", more connected to a stable foundation for your day-to-day experieince.

  • you'll be heard. This one is huge for us: this program - and everything we do - isn't about us, it's about you. If something doesn't make sense to you or you don't see how to apply it in your life, we'll give you a different tool or approach to try. What matters most is not that you understand our approach, but that we understand - and respond to - your needs.

DISCLAIMER: U of Next, LLC, and its employees, does not offer any medical advice, opinion, diagnosis or treatment of health
conditions and is not intended to constitute or substitute for a health care provider. If you have any medical questions or concerns
or are considering lifestyle changes that may affect your health, this must be discussed with your qualified healthcare professional.


NO information on this site or that you receive in the program should be used to
diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition.

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